My Library Account

CLICK online to:

  • browse the list of available titles and get information about their location (library branch) and availability (available, circulating or on order);
  • reserve an item (you will be asked to log on to reserve);
  • rate or review/comment titles (you will be asked to log on to rate & review);
  • access MY ACCOUNT to check the list of borrowed and renewed items, renew loans, view current and payed fees, check the list of your reservations, cancel or modify a reservation and view your circulation history;
  • rate or review/comment titles (you will be asked to log on to rate and review);
  • create and edit your own lists.

Please Note: You will need your library card number and a password (8 digits of your date of birth – format ddmmyyyy) to access your ACCOUNT. Click here to access MY ACCOUNT »

What is Iguana Library? Iguana Library is an app that helps you navigate the Township of Russell Public Library services and easily access your library account online. You can use the app to search for and reserve items in the library’s collection and renew your loans.  You are also able to pick up a book at a friend’s house or at a book store, scan the ISBN barcode and check to see if it is available at your local library! The library’s contact information is also found within the app so with the touch of a screen you can connect with library staff directly by email or phone.

How does it work?

First you need to download the app from:
Google Play, iOS APP Store or Windows Store
Then follow these simple steps:
1-     Select a country (Canada)
2-     Select your library
3-     Select your preferred language
4-     Set up your User profile by filling in the Borrower ID (your library card barcode) and Password (your birthday ddmmyyyy).
5-     To add a family member to your account, enter the barcode and password of the user you wish to add under the User management tab.  This step can be repeated as needed. By doing this you will be able to renew any item checked out to your family and avoid having to pay late charges!