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Educational Resources

  • McGraw-Hill – Classroom instructional textbooks
  • Nelson – Interactive eBooks
  • Pearson – Open access to Pearson Canads K-12 resources at home
  • Royal Ontario Museum – Activities & Resources (K-12)
  • Mango Languages – Learn a new language (Free trial until June 1st 2020)
  • Global Road Warrior –  is the world’s most extensive country-by-country resource for learning about culture, customs, history, and language worldwide
  • AtoZ World Food – is a comprehensive database of recipes and food culture articles for 174 countries
  • AtoZ Food America – is a single-source digital library reference that covers regional (6), state (50), and ethnic (35) cuisines for the entire country
  • AtoZ World Travel – is a comprehensive travel resource containing 202 Travel Guides covering 75 topics for each of 202 world cities
  • AtoZ World Business – provides users with 100 comprehensive Country Business Guides, each of which covers 115 standard topics that are vital to understanding how to do business in and with that country
  • AtoZ Maps Online – is the world’s largest collection of royalty-free, downloadable maps for schools
  • Lingo Lite – is an image- and video-based foreign language learning tool for 260 of the most basic words and terms in 30 languages. Users may select from any of 30 interface languages.

Creation Station