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Preschool Programs in English

Preschool Programs

Our preschool programs offer age-appropriate books, finger plays, songs, rhymes, puppets, crafts and other book-related activities. Parents or caregivers are asked to participate in our sessions.

STORYTIME IN THE PARK     storytime in the park

At the Keith M. Boyd Park, 591 Loucks Dr., Russell

Tuesdays from July 2 to August 13 – 10:30 AM

The fun starts at 9 a.m. with games with the Embrun Family Centre followed by stories at 10:30 a.m.

Activity for the whole family. No registration required.
Storytime will take place at the Russell Branch Library if it rains.

Russell Branch

Wednesdays from July 3 to August 14 – 10:30 AM

For children 2 to 5 years old.
Different activities every week: games, stories, crafts and much more!

No registration required.

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Early Literacy

Learning starts at birth

Research shows that children learn the skills they need to read years before they start school. There are 6
pre-reading skills that children must acquire in order to learn to read successfully.
These skills are as follows:

  • Print Awareness
  • Phonological Awareness
  • Print Motivation
  • Vocabulary
  • Narrative Skills
  • Letter Knowledge

Parents and Caregivers

Parents and caregivers play an important role in helping children get ready to read. Your children learn best by doing things and they love doing things with you! Early childhood is a magical time for learning and exploration, and there’s so much for you and your young child to discover at the Township of Russell Public Library.

You are the key to your child’s success in reading…

Read. Talk. Play.

There is a direct connection between reading aloud and later reading success. Ask your child questions as you read aloud, and talk about the pictures to involve your child in the story. Children who grow up in conversational homes – with parents who talk to them and encourage them to talk – have an edge over children who hear very little language. Have fun with word games and making up silly songs and rhymes. Children who play with sounds of words before they enter school are better prepared to learn to read.

Kids Programs in English

Russell and Embrun Branch

Children aged 6 and up.
Join the Summer Reading Club at your library this summer.
You could win weekly prizes (gift certificates) and a GoPro Hero 7 (Grand Prize).

Saturday, June 22 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Come register at the launch party. There will be snacks and lemonade and you can decorate a rock for our Kindness Garden.
Those who register at the launch party will receive a special gift!

Learn more about the club, fun activities to keep you reading and accessibility for children with print disabilities »

Russell Branch

Saturday, August 24 – 11:30 AM
Lemonade and snacks for everyone!

GRAND PRIZES: 2 GoPro Hero 7
Prizes donated by the Friends of the Library


Kids Events in English

“THE NATURAL WORLD”summer programs
Russell and Embrun Branch

July 2nd to August 16th
Activities from Monday to Friday.

Calendar and program – Russell Branch (activities in English) »
Calendar and program – Embrun Branch (activities in French) »

July activities: until June 28th.
August activities: from July 8th to 26th.

  • All activities are FREE.
  • Registration is required except for Storytime in the park, Toddler Play, 
    Board Game Day and Maker Space.
  • You can register:
    * online
    * in person by filling out a registration form
  • Places are limited for some activities.
  • All supplies provided by the Library.

Registration forms are available to print or you can get a copy at both branches of the library.

Russell activities: English form / French form
Embrun activities: English form / French form

Consult staff for more information. »

with Sébastien Lemay
Russell Branch

Let’s celebrate the end of the TD Summer Reading Club!

Saturday, August 24  10:30 – 11:30 AM
Sébastien will introduce various instruments and new sounds from around the world, raising awareness of cultural diversity in our community.

Activity for children 5 years old and up.
Bilingual show.

Tickets: $5. Places are limited.

Russell Branch

July 4th 2 PM– Learn to identify plants
5 years old and up
Valerie Hoag will teach you how to identify the plants and flowers that grow all around you.

July 9th 2 PM – Geocaching
7 years old and up
South Nation Conservation will teach you orienteering and GPS skills with geocaches hidden nearby the library.

July 10th 2 PM – Discover: bees
8 years old and up
Meet Brian Lacey, a bee keeper, and learn about bees by observing them in their hive.

July 18th 2 PM – Discover: constellations
5 years old and up
Learn to identify the stars that make up the different constellations with amateur astronomer William Miles.

July 23rd 2 PM – Discover: electric fish
5 years old and up
Enter the fascinating world of electric fish with auteur Érik Harvey-Girard.
(live electric fish included!)

July 25th 2 PM – Dungeons & Dragons
8 years old and up
Enter a world of adventure and danger with magical weapons and wizards.
No experience needed.

August 13th 2 PM – Martial Arts Demonstration
5 years old and up
Learn basic moves and how to defend yourself with a representative of 100% Martial Arts.

Kids programs and events in French »

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Resources for parents

Today’s Parents
A website about pregnancy, baby and toddler advice for Canadian parents.

The Canadian Children’s Book Centre
The Canadian Children’s Book Centre (CCBC) is a national, not-for-profit organization dedicated to encouraging, promoting and supporting the reading, writing, illustrating and publishing of Canadian books for young readers.

Tech Savvy Kids

Early Literacy Workstations

Kids from the ages of 2 to 8 have access to a bilingual early literacy workstation in each library branch. This special computer, which is equipped with a colourful keyboard and LCD screen, offers a full range of English and French educational software programs.

Giant Touch screen Computer + iPads

Also available in the Kids Section of both library branches are a giant touchscreen computer and iPads which are equipped with educational applications in English and French.

Cool Apps for Kids

Get appy with this list of recommended iPad apps for kids!

Animal soundsAnimal Sounds
Builds vocabulary and the ability to hear and breakdown the sounds in words. Free

Collins Big Cat: Around the World
Great interactive reading! Kids can also create their own stories.  Free

Build It Up
Builds sorting skills and size differentiation (foundation to later math skills). Free for 2 gameboards. Fee for more.

Wonster Words Learningwonster work app
An app that will help young students develop understanding and internalize common spelling patterns. Free

Monster Hunt
Fun memory game that reinforces the concept of “alike and different.” Free.

Habitat the Game
Your child will learn about caring for the environment by adopting a polar bear and keeping him healthy. Free.

This app builds narrative skill as kids draw, animate, narrate, and record their own cartoons. Free.

Fish Schoolfish school app
Fish School exposes your preschooler to important concepts like letters, numbers, shapes, colors, matching, and more. Free.

Come enjoy the Children’s Reading Garden!

Russell Branch