Our Mission and Values


Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission

The Township of Russell Public Library has a clear mission: it exists to promote the communication of ideas, develop informed citizens and enrich the cultural and intellectual lives of the people of Russell Township.

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Our Vision

Approved by the Public Library Board – April 17, 2013.

The Library is the centre of the community, providing welcoming and stimulating spaces where residents come together to share their rich history and culture, celebrate and experience the present and shape and explore the future.

The Library is an innovative and proactive resource where people of all ages and interests can learn, connect, create and enrich their lives.

The Library is well used, supported and highly valued for its contribution to the social, economic and cultural vibrancy of the community.

The Library builds community by encouraging dialogue among residents, nurturing the linguistic and cultural diversity of the community, creating and showcasing local content and resources and working closely with the Municipality and a wide range of local partners. By participating actively in the development and delivery of programs and services, residents are a driving force in building a library which remains relevant to their lives.

Our Core Values

Approved by the Public Library Board – April 17, 2013.

The Township of Russell Public Library is guided by several core values:

  • Community Connectedness:

    To enhance library services through effective partnerships and consultation with the community.

  • Customer-Driven Services:

    To create a strong service culture and provide quality customer-driven services.

  • Bilingualism:

    To provide a strong bilingual context in English and in French for our resources and services.

  • Literacy & Life-long Learning:

    To encourage and nurture the joy of reading in people of all ages and to promote literacy and life-long learning.

  • Accessibility:

    To provide barrier-free facilities, resources and services.

  • Creativity and Innovation:

    To encourage and nurture innovation and creativity and to create a culture which embraces change.

  • Intellectual Freedom:

    To guarantee, facilitate and defend the right of library users to freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression as the basis of a democratic society. To defend the right of library users to access all expressions of knowledge and intellectual activity.

  • Accountability:

    To meet the library service needs of the community in an efficient, effective and fiscally responsible manner.