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Staff Picks - Books

It's no secret that librarians love books. Check out the books we've been reading!

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 Bury Your

 by Louise Penny

Hélène Quesnel
A man has been brutally murdered in one of Quebec City's oldest buildings - a library where the English citizens of Quebec safeguard their history. And the death opens a door into the past, exposing a mystery that has lain dormant for centuries... a mystery Gamache must solve if he's to apprehend a present-day killer. My love affair with the books of Louise Penny began two years ago when we invited her to the Russell Branch Library for an Author Reading event. I read the first of her Three Pines mysteries, Still Life. I have read a lot of mysteries and Louise Penny has become one of my favourite Canadian authors. You could read this book as a stand alone, however, the real pleasure in reading Louise Penny's books is getting to know the characters and their surroundings. I strongly suggest you read them in order. Bury Your Dead is a complex story that takes you back in history and portrays the present through fascinating characters. Read and enjoy!
  Resenting the Hero
  by Moira J. Moore

Nicole Moreau
This is the first book in the Lee and Taro series by Moira J. Moore. The story takes place in a future world. The whole premise of this world creates some intriguing situations since it's protected by pairs of people, one who can prevent natural disasters and one who keeps the other person from dying in the process. Meet Lee (the Shield) and Taro (the Source). Having been paired with a Source who was by far not her first choice, Lee must learn to work with Taro and face their challenges. This is a light fantasy with a touch of humour. The likeable characters and a good story line leave you with the urge to read the other novels in the series. 

 by Dr. Richard

Kristina Beaudin
Being a great advocate of exposing your children to early reading (plus for Storytime at the Library!), I was intrigued by the methods of this book. Raising Confident Readers shows how your child's brain is wired for reading. It emphasizes getting off to an early start, the five phases of teaching reading, methods, examples, activities, and references to help you through the process as your child's first reading teacher.
R - Repetition
E - Enthusiasm
A - Attention
D - Drawing
Keep on reading!
Italian Shoes
 by Henning

Claire Dionne
Discover the other side of this Swedish author well-known for his Wallander detective series!  This novel is an amazing voyage into the soul of a man who has been living in isolation on a miniature island for more than 12 years. But the past comes back to him as his former wife who is dying of cancer tracks him down and tries to help him reconciliate with the human race. A beautiful, vivid and compelling story told by a great storyteller.
 General Rick Hillier

Nicole Moreau
For Hillier, leadership is all about people - those already on your team and those you need to get on your team. This is a point he stresses a great deal in his follow-up to "A Soldier First". This book covers all of the fundamental principles of leadership including vision and the focus on people. While most of the examples provided deal with military leadership (no surprise there!), the principles presented can easily be applied to a community or organizational leadership role. Leadership appeals not only to those interested in leadership styles but also to those with an interest in the Canadian military. The book is a direct, easy-to-read, entertaining collection of principles that will challenge the way you run your business, start a project or take that next step in life.
 by Dave Eggers

Hélène Quesnel
This is the true story of Addulrahman Zeitoun, a Syrian immigrant, his family and life in Orleans, and his adventures during the unfortunate events of Hurricane Katrina. When Hurricane Katrina struck in 2005, Zeitoun, a father of four, chose to stay through the storm to protect his house and his contracting business. In the days after the storm, he travelled the flooded streets in an old canoe, helping those in need. A week later, he abruptly disappeared.... This is a shocking story of wrongful arrest and racism. This non-fiction reads like fiction. The book is at the same time thrilling, profoundly tragic and so hopeful. A must read!

Staff Picks - DVDs

We love movies and TV series too! Check out our favourites!

 Richie Mehta
Claire Dionne
Sometimes the poorest are the richest! New Delhi rickchaw driver Amal is content with the small but vital role he serves.  One day he chases a little girl who has stolen a purse and on another he picks up a surly old man - two incidents that will change the course of his life. A film filled with beauty and depth and everything that we take for granted...

 Veit Helmer
Joanne Yelle
Based on a true story, this delightful fable comedy takes place in a small Turkish village where the underground water system does not work anymore.  Since the local men are too lazy to repair it, their industrious wives decide to go on strike by withholding sex... Fortunately, the two teenagers of the village who are in love and need water for their marriage ceremony, will save the situation. A lovely, funny and charming love story with lots of magic!

 a Dog's Tale

Kristina Beaudin
Inspired by a true story, this film will touch your heart! A real tear-jerker!! A lost Akita puppy finds his way into the heart of a distinguished University professor (Richard Gere). As the years pass and their bond grows deeper, a daily ritual enfolds between the professor and his loyal friend, one that will pull at your heart strings when one day the professor does not return home. Hachi's story is a wonderful demonstration of loyalty, patience, and friendship. A great film for all... not just dog lovers!

Six Feet Under
 Alan Ball

 TV Series

Claire Dionne
Certainly one of the best television series of all times! Produced by HBO, it gravitates around two great themes - death and sex - and explores the lives of the Fischer family, owners of a funeral home in suburban California. Each episode opens with a death (sometimes random, sometimes horrifying, but usually common). The whole series (6 seasons) has a wonderful sweaty, heavy and fantastic feel to it and the characters we get enamored with are well-drawn, funny and so real!

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